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We are Rainbows

Rainbows - a fun and exciting programme for girls aged four to seven (five in some areas), it's all about learning by doing

Rainbows learn by doing – they get their hands dirty, do sports, arts and crafts and play games. Being a Rainbow is all about having the space to try new things. Through taking part in a range of different activities with girls their own age, Rainbows develop self-confidence and make lots of new friends.

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It's all about learning by doing.

Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, get in touch with nature and play games.

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A diverse and engaging programme

They can work towards interest badges, where they can learn about everything from recycling to storytelling, and start their skills builder journey, developing core skills and trying new things like camping, leadership and first aid.

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In each theme, you can earn an award!

There are even awards they can earn, like the Rainbow Gold award and the six Theme awards, that show their commitment and encourage pride in their achievements.


Colneis Division Rainbow units

For more information on Rainbows please visit All about Rainbows on the GirlguidingUK website


1st Felixstowe Rainbows

This unit meet on Thursdays in term time.


2nd Felixstowe Rainbows

This unit meet on Wednesdays in term time.


Our network of amazing adult supporters make guiding happen.

Even if you've got just an evening to spare, then you can be part of it! Volunteer now

Join Rainbows

To register your daughter with a Rainbow unit, complete our online form and a local volunteer will get in touch.

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