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Welcome to Girlguiding Kingsfleet

Girlguiding Kingsfleet covers the Felixstowe Peninsula, Kesgrave and Martlesham and is one of eight Divisions that make up Girlguiding Suffolk. 


Girlguiding Kingsfleet was created on in February 2023 when Girlguiding Colneis and Girlguiding Heathlands joined together on World Thinking Day. 

There are currently spaces in all sections if your child wishes to join.

The new Division Commissioner is Hannah Panting who can be contacted at

We have one of a network of over 800+ Girlguiding shops, which is run by volunteers, where you can browse our range and try on items of clothing before you buy. Profits from anything you buy at our volunteer run shop are used in the Colneis area.

We always have a need for more adults to volunteer to help us offer Girlguiding to the youth of Kesgrave, Martlesham and the Felixstowe Peninsular.

Girlguiding Kingsfleet does not have a staffed office, for all postal address enquiries, please complete the contact us form and we will respond.

Thanks for submitting!

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