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Hall Hire

Update from 1st March 2022


Following the removal of domestic restrictions by the Government we have removed the requirement to follow our Special Conditions of Hire, however the document is still there to refer to if you wish to do so.

The Government still advises the following to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19:

Washing your hands regularly and for 20 seconds
Consider wearing face coverings where it is difficult to maintain social distancing or in enclosed spaces

Socially distancing especially in poorly ventilated spaces

Let air in if meeting indoors

Please read the Conditions of Hire and check on our Calendar whether the date(s) you would like are available before you enquire.


If you wish to hire the CDCHQ for a one-off event please click here 


If you wish to hire the CDCHQ on two or more consecutive dates (i.e. a regular class/group/meeting) please click here

If we have to cancel your booking due to the reinstatement of National or Local Government Restrictions, you will receive a full refund irrespective of closeness to the booking date.

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